Surprise! We gave all your fucks to One Warm Coat.

Over the past month, thousands of fucks were added to the #WinterSwearJar. Ten lucky fuckers are leaving winter’s bullshit behind and going somewhere warm with their #WinterSwearJar winnings. And that’s fucking cool. But to make winter even less shitty for even more people, we’ve matched all the fucks given and have donated them to One Warm Coat.

Total fucks given: $9,987

That’s a lot of fucks. And they’re all going to a great cause: providing winter coats along with warmth and hope to folks who could use it. So if you gave a fuck, thank you! We hope you’re feeling pretty fucking good right now.

Check out all the fucks
you gave.

  • Margaret @Bindi3010

    This winter just doesn't want to fuckin go away! #WinterSwearJar.

  • Gerber WSOP 2015 @GERBERZ623

    @hotelsdotcom fuck winter and the horse it rode in on #WinterSwearJar

  • derrick johnson @chs93dlj

    This muthafukkin weather is drivin me CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ? #WinterSwearJar.

  • Humancluless @Humancluless

    colder than my ex's fucking hart out there #WinterSwearJar

  • Erin @CACraftyMom

    Freezing my ass off is not my idea of a good fucking time #WinterSwearJar

  • jen @9876silver

    #WinterSwearJar @hotelsdotcom The effing groundhog lied

  • Britt❤ @brittany_skaggs

    Where the fuck did winter go?!" Said nobody. Ever. ? #WinterSwearJar"

  • Barbara Pacific @Barb133218

    What fuckin day is it? It is so cold where the shit is Spring? #WinterSwearJar

  • Athena Graeme @AthenaGraeme

    #WinterSwearJar Fuckity Fuck YOU Winter!

  • Ann G @anng27

    I have had it with this motherfucking snow in this motherfucking city!!!! #Seattle #WinterSwearJar

  • Eddie Garza @FastEddie577

    It's so fucking cold outside that when my friend told me to chill out I hit him with a snow angel. #WinterSwearJar

  • Agoraphobic Tuff @AgoraphobicTuff

    @hotelsdotcom supposed to snow another 3 inches how fuckin much more can i take? #WinterSwearJar

  • johnwicklein25 @johnwicklein25

    Fuck winter! That shit fucking sucks! #winterswearjar

  • Brian @brihigh01

    @hotelsdotcom Looks like you need a bigger fucking jar because winters not over yet! #WinterSwearJar

  • April Jacques @aajacques

    #WinterSwearJar It's cold AF here! Please take me somewhere warm.

  • Karen Schymanski @BunnyBear47

    Fuck I am sick of winter! #WinterSwearJar

  • alice morris @alicemo45216588

    @hotelsdotcom Hate this fucking snow #WinterSwearJar

  • Amanda eckard @eckard_amanda

    Dear winter, Fuck off. #WinterSwearJar

  • Tracy l Davis @julis555

    #WinterSwearJar Too. Fucking. Cold.

  • Brody @brody_garcia

    straight up cold af

  • (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ @Antscape_

    #WinterSwearJar welcome to fuckin New York. Aka just south of Canada. It only snows for 7 months.

  • davisesq212 @davisesq212

    The winter needs to fuck off. #WinterSwearJar

  • jeff clough @jffryclough

    i just fuckin' snowblowed our driveway again! bring on summer!!! #WinterSwearJar

  • Alison Roa-Garcia @AlisonMarie777

    I made it through the fucking #PolarVortex and am so sick of this shitty snowy weather! Maybe my damn potty mouth…

  • StrongerAs1 #Joey'sKingdom @AvengerForever4

    I swear if i have to endure one more stinking week of this I'll go effing insane! Get me out of here with the…

  • angelwow6970 @angelwow6970

    This polar vortex shit can go Fuck itself!!! Take me south please!?! #WinterSwearJar @hotelsdotcom

  • Andrew @BigBaldMoo

    Raise your hand if your sick of this fucking weather! @hotelsdotcom #WinterSwearJar

  • J E N @iDreamofJenn

    Cold AF #WinterSwearJar

  • pink hoodie little mac @codylandaker

    holy FUCK it is cold in oregon. i want a refund i’m going back to california smh

  • The Taylor Clan @battybat2u

    These temps are effin unbearable. #WinterSwearJar

  • Elizabeth @egsweep

    Fuck this snow all over my car #WinterSwearJar

  • Blanca M Garza @bmgarza74

    Tomorrow there's another cold front coming. Fuck you winter #WinterSwearJar

  • Kelly J Wach @kjh63

    @hotelsdotcom FUCK THIS SHIT #WinterSwearJar

  • Debbie Paulson @nascarnagegrl

    Winter fucking sucks!!!!#WinterSwearJar

  • Jenn C @jgibson8_jenn

    I’m so fuckin over winter!!#WinterSwearJar

  • Isaac Abadi @IsaacA08

    My shitty car is buried under 5 fucking feet of snow. #WinterSwearJar

  • Meg. @MeegsBoyd

    It's tooooo fucking cold outside. #WinterSwearJar

  • DriftedPigeon @DriftedPigeon

    Can you believe this fucking weather?!? #winterswearjar

  • Amanda c @Amandac89319528

    Ugh! Its fucking snowing again! So sick of this shit #WinterSwearJar

  • Dawn Redden @dawneees

    I'm so fucking tired of this cold weather!#WinterSwearJar

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